Tuesday, February 28, 2012

spring cleaning

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i'm sorry i haven't updated as regularly, i've caught the spring cleaning bug. i'm in the middle of re-evaluating just about every aspect of my life and that leaves little time left for blogging. you see, between going through my wardrobe and planning my spring/summer look, working out and cleaning just about everything (as in computer folders mostly, not our home, that's not fun) i just have to obsessively watch swedish Big Brother. so, no time for recapping what's hot on the internets or baking for tea time. march is just around the corner and the weather is slowly getting warmer and i just can't wait!

basically, i want to get rid of all old junk once and for all, and slowly add new, nice things. call it a new beginning. simple but time consuming.

my spring cleaning plan:

- delete all junk from my computer
prio 1 is the music folder. i just spent over an hour down sizing the amount of blogs i follow through my rss reader. i read this on craftypod.com and realized it was silly following the same people on just about every social media ever existed, so i've been unfollowing some that i know i keep up with through twitter or elsewhere anyways, making the rss reader more manageable. hopefully i'll be able to keep up with everyone now instead of in fear closing my eyes and click "mark all as read" when i see the amount of unread blog posts.

- sew new clothes and get rid of old ugly ones
i've already sewn 2 skirts that i'm very pleased with.

- throw out old make up
i bet i can find stuff at least 5 years old around here. dried up nail polish makes no one happy.

- work out
i have no intention of losing weight, i just want to be strong and flexible again. i'm a restless and easily bored soul so please share your favourite work out dvds! i'm doing Winsor Pilates dvds and Carmen Electra's Fit to Strip (i'm not much for the actual aerobic strip tease dvds in the series, but this is a great straight forward work out, imo).

what are you up to? are you getting ready for the new season?